Bird hunting in style!

American Hunter, The, Jun 2001

If you're like us, a lover of bird dogs and upland hunting, you no doubt yearn for that favorite hillside in the fall where the ruffed grouse and woodcock hide, or that wide expanse of western grasslands holding chukars, pheasants, and Huns. Just you, your dog, and maybe a close friend on a do-it-yourself hunt. But then there are the times when a little less do-it-yourself and a little (or a lot) more somebody-- else-do-it would be welcome! >more

Duck hunting paradise

by Odle, Jack - Progressive Farmer, Nov 2000

As I listened to Phil Lewis give us instructions, I started breathing faster, my pulse quickened and the pounding in my chest grew-all signs that the adrenaline was kicking in. We had watched the mallards drop from the sky, drawn by the magnetic calls of Phil and his partner, Louis Pope. The flock of 24 mallards circled twice, getting lower and closer each time. Had Phil not constantly told us to wait, I would have jumped up early and forced a long shot. >more

Duck hunting: The olde time way

by Taylor, John M - The American Hunter, May 1999

Relive the days of classy double-barrels, canvas coats, vintage calls, and greenheads over the decoys. Few waterfowlers will ever forget their first hunt: the slightly acrid but somehow wonderful smell of burnt powder on crisp autumn air, the rough security ot puttng our small hand into a bigger one belonging to a father, grandfather, or uncle so he could lift us into the blind or help us across a big puddle. We didn't have neoprene waders back then, but the hand-me-down hip boots and canvas coats were raiment fit for a king, no matter that they were cold and lacked the virtues of today's Gore-Tex and Thinsulate wonder parkas >more

Duck numbers, habitat, programs

Byline: David Bennett Farm Press Editorial Staff

With duck season nigh there are plenty of subjects to tackle with biologist Brian Davis and conservation program director, Craig Hilburn. Asked the most common question they face, the two Ducks Unlimited employees look at each and begin chuckling. Without missing a beat, together they say, "Where are the ducks?" >more

Wingshooting Tips from the Pros

by Jennifer L SPearsall

Advice on shotgun shooting from two accomplished bird hunters. Bird up! ... shoulder ... safety off ... swing ... lead ... BOOM! ... Drats! That's an ugly sequence, and awfully common, too. It happens so quick you can hardly remember what you did wrong, which makes it very hard to fix. It happens to me. It happens so often to so many that, if you listen, you'll here it echoing from Arizona's quail country to Montana's sharptail-infested prairies to Maine's grouse-laden timber every day of autumn. >more