Choosing A Good Hunting Dog

by Kirsten Hawkins

Dogs have been bred for the purposes of hunting with humans for centuries. Whether hunting for food or sport, various breeds of dog have been used to help flush the hunted animals out into the open, to retrieve downed animals (especially ducks, pheasant, and other birds), and to sniff out and track animals for the hunter. It is with these potential duties in mind that a hunting dog should be chosen. >more

Points and pointers for hunting with gun dogs

by Tom Davis - Sports Afield, Oct 2000

IT'S FUNNY: Millions of people have seen the movie Top Gun, but it's a safe bet that very few consider themselves qualified to fly jet fighters on the basis of this experience. Why, then, does every person who's ever seen or read about a hunting dog think he's an expert on the subject? The most common manifestation of this is the guy who insists on "helping" you handle your dog. >more

The Most Important Steps for Finding a Dog Breeder

By Ispas Marin

Generally people are very keen on animals, dogs especially,wanting to have one in their apartments or houses. The dog breeders are the persons you can contact whenever you want to take a pure breed dog. Yet, the problem of the dog breeders's reputation arises and you need to be sure that this person is indeed looking after his animals that they are healthy and so on. It is easy to check the advertisements in your local newspaper but it would be advisable to make sure that the dog breeder you have chosen is reputable. >more

Dogs need to get in hunting shape

by JIM RAMBERG/The Capital-Journal

Early-season training is necessary to get a dog in shape for the hunting season. A walk or a retrieving session once a day will do it. Over the years, and I don't want to guess how many, I have had to spend a lot of money on my dogs, and I don't want to guess how much. >more

Living with bird dogs

by Jennifer L S Pearsall

From "office hours" in the field to "down time" on the couch, our four-legged wonders are the real fabric of a gundog owner's life. The first time I ever took a poke at live birds I was amazed by the work of two pointer bitches in the sparse cover of late-January. Our family always had some sort of mixedbreed pound-hound around the house (the kind that gladly humors throngs of neighborhood kids), but these pointing dogs were not of that ilk. These dogs had a job! >more