Bird hunting in style!

American Hunter, The, Jun 2001

If you're like us, a lover of bird dogs and upland hunting, you no doubt yearn for that favorite hillside in the fall where the ruffed grouse and woodcock hide, or that wide expanse of western grasslands holding chukars, pheasants, and Huns. Just you, your dog, and maybe a close friend on a do-it-yourself hunt. But then there are the times when a little less do-it-yourself and a little (or a lot) more somebody-- else-do-it would be welcome!

If you, too, occasionally want a week of bird hunting in a more luxurious fashion, check out the Directory of Hunting Resorts. An annual publication from the North American Gamebird Association, the directory lists 400 U.S. and Canadian hunting resorts and preserves "that cater to every taste and pocketbook" of those looking for hard-flying birds and top-notch dog work. Listings include season dates, license requirements, area game species, available lodging, and other recreation available (such as sporting clays). They've even thrown in several gamebird recipes so your dream hunt lives on after you get home with your game.

The directory is free for the asking. Simply send $3 shipping and handling to Wildlife Harvest, P.O. Box 96, Goose Lake, LA 52750, or order from the website