A Practical Guide to Becoming a Model Dog Owner - Owning a dog is not just pure fun, it also entails responsibilities on the part of the owner.

How To Keep Your Pet Safe From Deadly Pesticides - Every year, thousands of domestic pets and wild life lose their lives to the ravaging effects of pesticide poisoning.

General History of Dogs - There is no incongruity in the idea that in the very earliest period of man's habitation of this world he made a friend and companion of some sort of aboriginal representative of our modern dog, and that in return for its aid in protecting him from wilder animals, and in guarding his sheep and goats, he gave it a share of his food, a corner in his dwelling, and grew to trust it and care for it.

Tips for Healthy Pets - Tips and advice to help keep your pet safe, healthy and happy.

How to Protect Your Pets During a Hurricane - Strategies to prepare pets for a hurricane including evacuation tips.

Dog Interactive Behavior How to recognize dangerous dog behavior - Dog interactive behavior can be a challenge for humans to understand, but it's crucial if you want to protect your children and keep your family (and pets) safe.

New Yard Trainers Make Outdoor Activities with Pets Easy - These are great trainers for working in the yard or around the house with your dog because they are so affordable and easy to use, they are ideal for obedience training as well as starting a dog on field commands.

Solar Renewable Energy Sun Power - The sun is a powerful star.

Identify the ways to save energy - People have started to be more and more aware about the fact that they need to save energy in their household for a variety of reasons.

Renewable Energy Resources versus Fossil Fuels - The way we use energy today comes from knowledge that has it's foundations in the past century and before.

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