Tips for Healthy Pets

FOOD Feeding your Pet an all around healthy nutritious diet is the number one way to keep him/her fit, trim, disease free and give him/her a longer happier life. Investigating and learning the proper nutritional components necessary and the amounts needed for ultimate health is a priority for any animal lover. You can consult your vet, find information on the internet, check your library or buy any number of books written by experts on animal nutrition and diet.

VITAMINS AND MINERALS Most of us take supplements and eat right to get all the nutrients necessary to avoid disease and ensure good health. The same is true for your four-legged member of your family. Your pet needs a high quality nutritional supplement because: * All pets have different nutritional requirements. Age, activity level, environment, genetics, breed and other factors determine your pet's special needs Although a good premium food will provide a solid foundation, food alone cannot supply all the nutrients necessary to fulfill those unique requirements.

* A deficiency of just one or more nutrients can leave your pet open to disease. There are always excellent supplements available at your pet store or through your veterinarian. WATER Fresh water every day of course is essential and necessary. Try giving your pet ice chips in the summer to help him/her cool down.

Using a small child's pool for cooling off in during extremely hot weather is a fun way to enjoy your pet and give him/her some exercise. Carry water for frequent refreshment breaks on long walks, runs or exercise periods. EXERCISE Different types of pets require different levels of activity based on breed, size, and age. More active breeds need more exercise and should live with active families.

Small lap dogs and couch potatoes are well matched. Be aware of this before bringing a new four legged member home. Fresh air and exercise is always good for both you and your pet, and creates a lasting bond. CHEMICAL FREE ENVIRONMENT Always be aware of cleaning products used in the home. Pet proof your home as you would child proof your home. Be aware of sprays and poisons used outdoors on lawns and gardens as your pet may inadvertently lick it off of his/her paws after walking on it.

Using poison bug sprays around pets is also inappropriate. Chemicals used in processed foods are now being shown as bad for our pets health and you should read the labels of anything you feed your pet and make sure it is chemical and pesticide free. VISIT YOUR VETERINARIAN Regular visits to your vet for all the proper shots and regular check ups are always very important.

AVOID DANGEROUS FOODS There are many foods that are dangerous and toxic to your pet that should always be avoided at all times. Some of these are chocolate, onions, garlic, raisins, and grapes. Always remember the most important thing is love your pet and they will return the favor.

Animal and pet lovers will find important information to extend their pet life along with tips and recipes here:

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