You Dog Training Attitude is Everything

There is nothing more critical to the victory of dog training than the owner's attitude. The mindset of the trainer is more significant than the equipment purchased, the correct scheme used, or the breed of dog involved. Nothing can obliterate the chances of effective training more rapidly than an owner with the wrong attitude on the training process.

Dogs naturally long for and enjoy human camaraderie. When their human companions come up to them in the right way, they are particularly receptive to learning and develop a strong need to act in a manner that will please their master. This is why a proper attitude is very important with respect to training dogs. When the owner is pleasant, the dog will be pleasant.

When the owner is thrilled about lessons, the dog will most likely be thrilled about learning. Dogs can frequently reflect the attitudes and dispositions of their owners, a truth that must be kept in mind while undertaking dog training. Additionally, the proper view on dog training can make the experience infinitely more pleasing for the owner. A pleasing training experience will naturally create improved instruction on the part of the trainer.

Again, proper attitude will pay training dividends. So, what is the right attitude to bring to dog training? Owners should strive to keep an encouraging viewpoint at all times and should strive for a disposition that makes the procedure fun for both the dog and the trainer. Failure to approach training with such an attitude risks tragedy. The correct attitude and perspective really is the prerequisite to training success. The owner should be positive.

A positive viewpoint, of course, works in combination with any quality training method. Effective training requires constructive reinforcement, and that kind of praise and love is best administered by someone who in general presents a positive attitude. Training will be packed with compliments, encouragement and praise. Those rewards, which are the key module to training, are more possible to be correctly and successfully administered by a trainer with a optimistic disposition.

Trainers should recognize that they can manage to be both firm and welcoming at the same time. It is not required to affect an angry or severe tone during the training procedure. These caricatures of displeasure do not present any more training value than use of a straightforward solemn tenor. A inferior tenor with a stern 'bite' is more than sufficient. When praising and instructing, the owner must bear in mind to use a very welcoming and pleased voice.

The dog will thrive knowing his owner enjoys their interaction so much and will be very motivated to be taught as a result. Most significantly the trainer must for all time keep in mind that dog training is supposed to be fun. It should be fun for the trainer and just as fun for the pet.

The idea is to make the training procedure exhilarating and pleasing for the pet as is possible. By making the process a pleasure, the dog is specially motivated to perform. Too frequently training becomes nothing more than a obligatory chore. The owner does not enjoy the opportunity to spend time with his or her dog.

The dog understands this and does not get energized at the prospect, either. In worse cases, training becomes an unwelcome chore. The negative disposition and attitude of the owner is sensed undoubtedly by the dog and mirrored. Training advancement stalls, irritation sets in, and the entire procedure becomes more crippled. The cliche that 'attitude is everything' actually does depict dog training.

A unconstructive or harsh attitude will squash hopes of accomplishment. A constructive viewpoint coupled with sociability and a sense of fun will make training a treat. A fun disposition also makes training more pleasant for the dog owner. The trainer's optimistic attitude creates a more constructive disposition for the pet, which in turn improves the trainer's attitude even more.

By starting the training procedure with a rock-hard optimistic attitude, the owner gets the ball rolling, so to speak. The end result can be a training experience that is enjoyed by both pet and owner, which is in no doubt to produce astounding results. By approaching training with a optimistic disposition, a dog owner can create astonishing and positive outcomes.

Anthony Stai is a proud contributing author and writes articles on several pet related topics including dog training. You can see more of Anthony's articles on his Dog Training informational web site located at

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