Why You Should Build Your Pregnant Cat A Nesting Box

One very important behavior you'll see in the last week of pregnancy is nesting behavior. In spite of being the most pampered cat ever, your pet still firmly believes that she is living in the wild and will be looking for a safe, secure and suitable place in which to give birth. Under - or even on - your bed is often a prime choice! As birth is a messy business and you may be needed to give assistance, it is wise to prepare a 'nesting box' so that you are in control - even if your cat thinks that she is! To build a suitable nesting box, locate a cardboard box that is spacious enough for your cat to move around in comfortably and to have her newborn kittens close by whilst she finishes delivering their siblings. Afterwards, there will need to be enough room for all the kittens to suckle easily and for their mother to care for them. The sides of the box should be high enough to give privacy and security and the top should be partially covered for the same reason. One side should be cut away to allow access to feeding and toileting facilities and for you to be able to monitor what is going on.

However, leave a lip of around 3 inches at the bottom to prevent a kitten or two from rolling out accidentally or venturing forth before they are quite ready. Line the bottom of the box with a good amount of old newspaper, shredding some to provide cushioning. Put more, individual sheets on top. These can easily be removed as they become soiled after each kitten is delivered and disposed of appropriately.

Make sure that you have the nesting box ready at least two weeks before your kitten's expected delivery date and let your cat become familiar with it. You will need to place it in a warm, draught-free place, away from the busyness of family life. Your cat will need to be kept stress free and feeling secure so that she can concentrate on the business of giving birth. Almost certainly, she will not feel that you have chosen an appropriate place for her nest, so keep an eye on her for signs that she is sorting out her own nest elsewhere. If this is the case, simply move the box close to that position. What ever you do, don't let your cat out of the house for two, or even three weeks before her due date.

If she decides to build her nest outside and disappears into it to give birth, you will have no chance of finding her and the consequences don't bear thinking about. Once you have provided your much loved cat with a nesting box, you are ready for the big event!.

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