What To Look For When Evaluating Pomeranian Breeders

If you're buying a dog from a Pomeranian breeder, there are several things you should look for in the breeder, as much as in the dog. Talk to people who already own Pomeranians about their experience with breeders. When you go to a pet store, talk to people. Pet owners love to talk about their pets. If you see a Pomeranian that's exactly what you want, find out what Pomeranian breeder they purchased from and check them out for candidate puppies. You can also look up breeders in national magazines, like Dog World Magazine or Dogs USA Magazine.

These can be found at pet stores or requested at local libraries. The AKC Gazette magazine also has a listing of breeders, broken down by types of breeds. You can request a copy for $5 from the American Kennel Club. You should avoid trying to get any kind of pure breed dog from a pet store. Pet stores usually buy from puppy mills, where the puppy's parents are kept in horrible conditions and the goal is to churn out as many puppies as is possible with maximum profit as the motive.

They don't check for breed-worthy traits or test for temperament and the dogs usually havn't been socialized properly, been properly de-wormed or had their shots. Be educated about Pomeranians before you buy - while dogs in the breed vary considerably in size, you shouldn't pay a premium for a Pom if he's larger than 7 pounds. Know what the American Kennel Club Breed Standard is for Pomeranians and be willing to ask questions of the breeder before you buy the puppy. When you meet with the Pomeranian breeder, be sure to ask any questions that come to mind. Honest breeders, like other pet owners, will be more than happy to talk your ear off about their dogs, their parents and their bloodlines.

A good breeder won't be evasive about the dogs or how many puppies they sell in a year - good breeders don't sell too many puppies, because they have the good of the breed in mind and want to avoid inbreeding, which makes it more likely that the dogs will have genetic illnesses. They try to actively outbreed to improve their stock and cross-match to bring out good traits. Likewise, all good breeders will have medical records on the puppies they sell and most are quite willing to be supportive of their puppies, proud that they've been placed in a good home. Many of them also run rescue operations to get their cherished dogs into better homes if the first placement doesn't work out. When you meet the puppies for the first time, look at their environment. Are the pens clean and free of feces? Are the puppies well cared for and can you meet their sire and dam? What type of puppy food are they being fed? Puppies are a product of their environment and a good, clean environment will be shown in their playfulness and activity level.

When you buy the puppy, ask for a 72-hour guarantee - this gives you time to take the puppy to a veterinarian and check its health out for any unresolved issues. If a problem persists, contact the breeder and get your questions answered. Good, honest Pomeranian breeders care for their dogs and the homes they go into.

Lee Dobbins writes for where you can learn more about Pomeranian care and find Pomeranian breeders.

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