The English Mastiff

What pops into your head when someone says mastiff? It is almost certainly the English Mastiff that you begin to visualize. A massive breed weighing anywhere from 140lbs to 230lbs and standing as tall as 30" from the ground to the shoulder, these formidable animals can be an intimidating sight. Mastiff actually is translated to 'masty' in Anglo-Saxon. The brutal ancestry of this amazing dog is something you can find out of a horror movie. These dogs were used for the entertainment of the Queen.

The breed has long been in the US as well, having been imported some time ago.That's right, house pets. Their fearsome appearance and checkered history aside, the English Mastiff in fact makes a wonderful family dog. Being by nature calm and loving, they are a joy to have in the home. This does not that they do not still function more than adequately as guard dogs, and the presence of a mastiff would make nearly any potential intruder think twice.

Like any larger breed, an English Mastiff will need plenty of room to get adequate exercise. Though living indoors is not a problem for them, they do need a good walk or run every day. With proper diet and plenty of exercise, you can expect your dog to live to around 10 years of age. There are some health problems common to English Mastiffs, such as a tendency to put on weight and a predilection towards having hip dysplasia. This aside, the good qualities of the breed far outweigh the negatives.

Great with kids, loving and loyal and some of the best guard dogs in the world, they are a well rounded dog. Before deciding on a breeder to purchase a puppy from, make sure they are a legitimate dealer and have a love for the breed. Besides the aforementioned minor medical issues, there is one other downside to having an English mastiff: They do slobber, which is more of a concern to some than to others. Overall, they make an excellent family pet for any home.

All of the good traits the breed possesses are certain to make you a happy dog owner. If you'd like to learn more about this breed, have a look at some of the many websites that discuss the mastiff. Almost any question you could possibly have will be addressed there. You'll want to make an informed decision about choosing a dog; they will be a member of your family, after all.

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