Tenerife Environmental Group Suggests Alternative Energy Sources

Tenerife, a Canary Island off the coast of Africa, is paving the path of using alternative energy sources in the future.

Global warming is having an impact on the world now and it is only expected to worsen. Fuel prices are soaring, and that is causing the price of everything to go up.

In an effort to go green, a new Tenerife action group, Asociacion de Transicion, is finding alternative forms of energy to combat the rising costs of fuel and food.

Renewable Energy: The Cure for Global Warming

Renewable energy is one area of concentration as we move towards a more environment friendly way to get electricity.

The Solar Energy Project is just one example of this kind of thinking. MARE, Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy, is a project led by Arthur Howard and Wolfgang Ehrlich. According to them, this billion dollar project of putting a platform in the ocean to draw energy from the sun is the answer to global warming.

Cutting Back on Electricity

Whether this project will ever be accepted and produced isnt known at this time, but something needs to happen to offset the effects of global warming.

Renewable energy (the use of solar, wind and water power) is recommended by environmental groups as a way to protect the environment and our future. To cut back further on electricity, you can use fluorescent light bulbs, install double-pane windows, use only gas-powered appliances, buy a gas on-demand water heater and turn off all appliances when you are not using them.

Running lights, TVs and computers when not in use is a waste of energy and money.

The Advantages of Using Solar Power

The concept of using a giant solar panel in the ocean to harvest energy from the sun is not a far-fetched idea.

Solar panels are used to absorb energy from the sun to create usable energy.

As we head into a future where energy conservation is a must, we will see more products using solar power panels.

Weve been using solar powered calculators for years, so why stop there? Expect to see more solar powered gadgets in the near future. Weve also seen solar panels on roof tops and on landscape lights.

Companies will soon expand on these products and make additional products with solar panels to conserve energy and protect our environment.

How Tenerife Conserves Energy

The Spanish island of Tenerife is a major destination for holidaymakers. It brings in more than 9,275,000 visitors per year.

One reason for their conservation efforts is the nature of the island - Tenerife is home to Teide, the tallest volcano and Teide National Park, which surrounds the volcano.

The island is full of rich flora and fauna. It also has rare colonies of protected whales, a three foot lizard and more than 200 bird species.

The beautiful island has the perfect temperature with only slight variations throughout the year, yet global warning is a big concern in Tenerife. Protecting the environment is of utmost importance, especially for the new environmental group.

Tenerife has made impressive strides in protecting the environment and paving a path of natural energy resources for the future.

Tenerife already uses a natural water supply from underground, desalination and renewable energy. The island also cuts back on carbon emissions, and Tenerife is focusing on preserving the delicate environment of the island.


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