Teaching Your New Puppy Potty Training

POTTY TRAINING PUPPY When it comes to potty training puppy you should always be prepared for a few little accidents along the way. In fact, without these accidents it can be difficult to show your beloved puppy exactly where they can and cannot go. That said, on the whole, the process of potty training puppy would be much quicker and a lot easier if you get into a routine that means your puppy is unlikely to make mistakes. As with all forms of puppy training you should use reprimand and reward. Only ever use verbal reprimand and only when it is absolutely necessary, but in comparison you should give your dog as much praise as possible when they do something well or do it correctly.

In the case of potty training you should reprimand them for going indoors but only if you catch them in the act and you should reward them when they go outside. You should remember that puppies will need to go and potty roughly half an hour after every meal but they will also need to go first thing in the morning and last thing at night. However, these are unlikely to be the only occasions they will need to go out and you should learn to read your puppy to know when he is sniffing for somewhere to go or is just exploring the house and trying to recognize the smells. Initially you should probably be letting your puppy out every two to three hours.

While your puppy is training you should not leave food down for them and instead you should have set meal times. Wherever possible, stick to these same times every day because this will help your puppy learn a routine of eating and going outside at the same time every day. As well as using the same time for your routine you should try to make everything as constant as possible. If you use a particular door to take them out on the first visit then you should continue to use this door.

When everything goes well and puppy does manage to potty outside then you should praise them and possibly even give them a tasty treat. If you do this regularly they will associate walking out of that door to go to the toilet and being given a treat for doing so. In the even you catch your puppy in the act, pick him up before he's finished and take him outside. Once he finishes outside, give him praise and a treat.

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