Pollute Less by Shaving A Look at an EcoFriendly Shaving System

Landfill waste is an issue that everyone is contributing to. With a little effort we can reduce our carbon footprint by cutting down on the amount of plastics and packaging that is heading for the landfill. To help combat excess waste that is headed for the landfill, a company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has developed a product that will help the consumer take this on. The company in question is called Razor Sharp Magnetics Inc.

(RSM), and they developed a product called the ecoRazo. As the name suggests, the ecoRazo is a shaving product designed for both men and women that is environmentally friendly (eco-friendly). This device has been designed to keep your razor blades sharp so that you are not sending so much plastic, steel and cardboard packaging to the landfill. Using the ecoRazo, your razor blades will actually stay sharp up to 25 times longer when you use this device properly. The ecoRazo is simply a platform where you rest your razor blade when you are not using it. Inside the platform is two special copper plates (Patent Pending) that create an "ionic" force-field for your razor blade that helps keep them sharp.

The people at Razor Sharp Magnetics recognized that it is not the use of the razor that is making your razor blade dull. It is Rust. It seems that for most men with average facial hair, they are only getting 4 or 5 shaves per blade, and then they have to change it.

The same goes for women and their legs. Razor blades can last much longer than this when rust is prevented. The typical razor blade is made of about 85% steel, and 15% chromium. Notice that it is steel, not stainless steel.

Because of this, your blade will almost immediately begin rusting upon its first use. It is even possible that it may have already started rusting before its first use - even while the blade is still in its original packaging. The chromium on the razor blade is used to hide the rust. Chromium is a very shiny material that will mask the rust and deceive your eyes. The major razor companies want rust to happen and do this because your razor blades are the consumable that they rely on for recurring income.

This is why shaving is a multi-billion dollar industry. Razor Sharp Magnetics Inc. wants to help you to reduce the amount of garbage you are sending out the door. If you can make your razor blades last longer, then you will be purchasing less garbage in the first place. The longer your razor blade lasts, the less junk that goes into the garbage. Another benefit of the ecoRazo is that it can work its magic without using any electricity.

The copper plates inside the ecoRazo platform channel the earth's magnetic forces, much like a compass, to create the ionic force-field. All you need to do is rest your razor blade on the platform, and it does the rest of the work. No cords or batteries required.

The ecoRazo has been under development for almost 5 years, and is a patent pending technology. It is a great item to help you reduce your carbon footprint and make your razor blades last longer. To find out more about the ecoRazo, you can visit the website at

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