Offset your carbon footprint in the best way possible

You've gotten the company's light bulbs changed to the more energy efficient types, started a recycling project for all those discarded newspapers, old faxes and photocopies and you're always encouraging everyone to use public transportation or carpool to work. But still you know your company is contributing more carbon dioxide than you're offsetting. Your company is still not carbon neutral. Maybe your company has a long way to go before achieving a neutral carbon footprint, but we have a great and exciting new way that you can get even closer to achieving that amazing goal and help bring the green back to Ireland as you do it! It is generally agreed that for every two trees you plant, you offset a ton of carbon. This is why the ethos behind Rooted in Ireland is so good. They plant oak trees for you, you offset your carbon footprint, and Ireland gets more trees to replace the ones taken from it by centuries of destruction.

whats not to like? Today, Ireland is the most treeless area in all of Europe. Situated just outside Armagh, the Rooted in Ireland Memorial Oak Tree site overlooks the "city of saints and scholars," the historic center of St. Patrick's congregation and the burial place of great military leader and High King of Ulster, Brian Boru.

Imagine the satisfaction you can have knowing that you're not only offsetting your company's carbon footprint by having memorial oak trees planted through Rooted in Ireland, but you're also bringing back an important part of the natural history to a proud and beautiful region through your donation. For just under $100 you can offset approximately one-half ton of your carbon emissions through the planting of a single memorial oak tree at the Rooted in Ireland site. These trees will live complete lives where they are planted in Ireland. They will not be cut down, but will stand as living memorials to your dedication to stop global warming. To remind you of your company's part in the fight to reduce carbon emissions, you will receive a certificate, a photograph of the site and a personalized letter. Your name will be entered into our ledger and as people visit, they will also be reminded of your contribution.

It is such a good thing to offset your carbon footprint in any way that you wish! However, knowing that you are helping bring back trees to the landscape of magical, mystical Ireland has to be worth a little extra! Plant some trees, and offset your carbon footprint. Help bring back the natural beauty to Ireland's landscape; visit Rooted in Ireland's website today!.

You can find out more about Memorial Trees by visiting the website. Please also check out Great online Irish store. Plant trees - help the world!

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