Manufacturing dog food

Lots of people love animals. Dogs are the domestic descendents of wolves. There are lots of species of dogs around the world, with heights ranging from a few inches to a few feet, and with various fur colors and lengths. No matter how they look, the dog is still considered to be man's best friend, because it was and is widely used for work and companion throughout the world. One of the greatest accomplishments dogs can proud themselves with is space flight, because it was the first animal ever to fly into space. The uses for dogs have been numerous throughout the ages, because, while it was a great companion, it served many people as a protector or other uses.

I don't think that there was anyone who didn't know that dogs were the most appreciated pets in the world. However, if you have a dog as a companion, you should try to be well informed about what kind of a dog diet you should submit it to. The opinions of which dog diet is best are split. It is a popular idea that dogs have been well kept by humans just by being fed leftovers and this has been going on for thousands of years. The same people think that what we find in our stores today is not nutritious enough to feed their beloved companions or that commercial dog food contains lots of harmful substances. Let's talk about commercial dog food.

There are three major categories based on their water content: moist, semi-moist and dry. The most affordable subcategory is dry dog food, but there are advantages and disadvantages for each of them and it's up to you to choose which dog diet is best. Wet food does have a larger concentration of moisture than semi-moist and dry ones. When you compare wet and dry foods, ignoring the water, the wet one can be higher in protein and fat.

However, because the water is very high in concentration (about 75%) in wet food, the actual content of the can be even lower than that of dry dog food. You must choose the dog diet depending on what kind of work your pet does. Another advantage of wet food is that is provides sterility which dry food lacks, but dry food doesn't spoil as quickly as the food in an open can does. But if one should open a can only when it is time to feed their pets, canned food can be preserved for a longer period of time.

How do you manufacture dog food? Well, canned food is a relatively simple process, the only difference is that some companies cook the food in the can and others don't. Dry food is obtained by using one of two methods, each with its own pros and cons. Dry food is also called kibble and the first method used for obtaining it is by extrusion. This implies a large quantity of mixture introduced into an expander with hot water and steam. After the pellets are removed and dried, they are sprayed with vitamins, grease and other ingredients.

The other method for obtaining kibble is baking. Baked food is always a first choice for pet owners seeking a more natural food, and at the same time more digestible. Because of this, the pellets obtained this way usually have a higher price tag.

Your dog enjoys you company as much as you enjoy its. However, submitting your pet to the right dog diet will ensure a longer lifespan. Now that you know all the advantages of each dog food type, it will be easier for you to choose.

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