Maintaining the Right Temperature for a Salt Fish Tank

Keeping the right temperature for a salt fish tank or any tank takes some practice. All fish tanks require a water heater to keep the right temperature for the fish. Water heaters have a thermostat attached so you can keep an eye on the temperature changes. There are even different styles depending on what you prefer. Some heaters are designed to hang from the back of the tank, so they're out of the way. Placement is Important The temperature for a salt fish tank can change with the atmosphere of the room where it's located.

Placement of your tank in the room can play a major role in maintaining proper temperature for a salt fish tank. It's important not to put your tank under heating or cooling vents and keep it out of the sunlight. The larger the tank, the bigger the heat pump will have to be in order to heat the water adequately. Just as other electric appliances, the strength is measured in watts.

Your heat pump should produce fifty watts of heat for every ten gallons of water. Going by these measurements is the safest way to keep the right temperature for a salt fish tank. Learning how to start a saltwater fish tank and putting the equipment together is time consuming. But, you want to make sure to test all your equipment to be sure it all works properly before you get fish in your tank. Temperature for a salt fish tank can be harder to manage in a home without central air.

If your home does not have central air you have to pay attention and set your heater to the right temperature especially in warm seasons. If you don't, your fish may not survive large temperature drops from day to night. Temperature for a Salt Fish Tank and Water Changes It is very important to pay attention to your thermostat especially during water changes. The pH should be around 0.02 and the temperature between one and two degrees of the current water. When changing the water you need to get the temperature of the new water as close as you can to the old if it was the right temperature.

If you can't seem to get the water exactly the same temperature, it's best to have it a little warmer than too cool. Cool water could shock your fish and that isn't good for them at all.

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