Is The German Shepherd The Perfect Dog For You

Originating from the Bavaria region, the German Shepherd was bred from local Shepherd dogs and originally contained a wire haired version as well. This dog was first registered in 1899 and has been a popular family pet and show dog ever since. A large dog, weighing in at around 80 pounds, the German Shepherd is perhaps one of the most recognized of dog breeds. Typically having black and tan markings, the German shepherd has a large triangular head with wide upright years and almond shaped.

His tale is bushy underneath and hangs halfway down his legs. while most people recognize the short coated variety, the German Shepherd actually comes in three types, the long-haired, the rough coated, and the long rough coated. Colors can be the typical black and tan, all-black, blue or white and liver. The white German Shepherd Is actually not a German shepherd breed but a separate breed called the American White Shepherd. Of all the dog breeds, the German Shepard may be the hardest working.

Due to his high intelligence and keen interest in learning he is often used for police work, to aid the blind, and search and rescue missions, and as guard dogs. As a family pet, he can be a loyal and loving friend. Most German shepherds get along well with children and other pets but you need to be sure that you pick your shepherd from a good breeder.

this dog can be a bit protective of his family so you want to make sure he Is trained and socialized properly from the get-go. The German Shepherd likes to be kept active and have a job to do. This means that you will want him to be an active part of your family and enjoyed outings with you. To keep him busy you might think about entering him and agility contests at which he will probably excel.

As they are smart and eager to please, they usually quite easy to train. Hip dysplasia can be a problem in these dogs but this is due mostly to bad breeding so you need to be sure that you take a good look at the parents of the shepherd and be sure that they guaranteed not to have hip or elbow problems. this dog breed can also be prone to skin problems such as eczema and flea allergies as well as I problems like keratitis, dwarfism and epilepsy.

The German Shepherd does not have any excessive grooming requirements although he is a heavy shedder and does need to be brushed every day. Although the German Shepherd is rather inactive indoors and can make a good apartment dog, he does need to be exercised frequently so if you have him in an apartment you do need to take him for daily walks and preferably for a long romp in the park on weekends. They love a lot of activity and like to have something to do, so things like playing frisbee or agility training are perfect for this breed. A home with a big yard for your dog to play and is ideal.

Just like any other dog, a German shepherd needs to be seen regularly by a vet into a ball be recommended vaccinations and other medications as deemed necessary by the vet. With proper care, this breed can live to be around 13 years old.

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