How To Convert Your Car To Run On Water Gasoline And Double Your Mileage

If you are like many vehicle owners getting annoyed by the amount fuel costs, you need to read further. This is a new way to literally save thousands on your fuel bill. People around the world in many countries are tired of the high and ever increasing fuel prices Several sources have claimed that the price of oil will reach $200 per barrel by the end of 2008. This mean that you have to pay about seven dollars per gallon of gas - which is extremely high and unaffordable. There are several common alternatives to avoiding this rising price in gas: 1. Use public transportation and sell your car.

Many people have converted to using public transportation because it it is cheap but it have it disadvantages. This solution will not work for people who are always using the car to pick up their children, go to work, go shopping, and other various tasks. 2. Purchase a hybrid car. You could also buy one of those hybrid car, but this is not an option for those who can't afford one.

It could cost well over $20,000. 3. Get better gas mileage with your current car. Getting better mileage with your current car is the best option for you. There are many ways to get better gas mileage. Owning your own car and paying less for gas is even better than public transportation or buying a new car.

You could start doing the following to get the best gas mileage: 1. Accelerate slowly. 2.

Prevent sudden breaking or acceleration by looking ahead. 3. Keep your speed constant. 4. Maintain your car. Check your oil and tire pressure regularly.

Many of these are very time consuming and in modern day life are not very realistic. The best solution for you is to convert your car to run on water. This method will save you up to 75% of gas and will double your gas mileage in some case. It has been proven that water could be used as fuel in order to increase the fuel economy and decrease the pollution. This new technology will cost you less than $200, it is easy to install, maintain and remove.

Your engine will runs quieter and smoother, which helps increase your engine life. Another benefit of using water to fuel your car is that it will prevent pollution. Thousands of drivers have converted their car to use water as fuel.

It is simple, cheap and will save you lots of gas money. .

To get precise instructions to easily convert your car visit: How To Convert Your Car To Run On Water

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