Dealing With Liver Cancer in Dogs

Dogs can suffer from several different diseases and one of the most deadly is usually cancer. Live cancer is one of the worst types of cancer your dog can have because the liver provides a function for the immune system as well as removing toxins from the body. If you suspect your dog have liver cancer you will want to take him or her to the vet immediately to start a course of treatment. There are four treatments your dog can undergo for the liver cancer, but first let's look at what liver cancer is and the symptoms associated with this disease.

As dog diseases go you will find that liver cancer has a couple of different types. There is primary liver cancer, hemolymphatic cancer, and metastatic cancer. Hemolymphatic liver cancer is transferred by blood cells in the body or by the lymphoid tissue. Mestastatic cancer is usually cancer that spread from the other organs in the body. You will find that metastatic cancer is one of the most common forms.

Primary liver cancer tends to be rare, but when it does form it is malignant. This type of cancer forms directly from the liver cells. The cause of the cancer is largely unknown.

There has been speculation that the cancer is due to environmental factors such as pesticides. To prevent liver cancer in dogs it is often best to stay out of areas you know they spray harmful chemicals or dumb these chemicals. You other method of prevention comes from providing a healthy diet with the proper enzymes and protein. The symptoms of liver cancer can very as to the type, but most of the symptoms will appear at one point. Symptoms are lethargy, vomiting, appetite loss, abdominal bloating, pale gums, limb weakness, respiratory issues, jaundice, and weight loss. As you can expect the weight loss and loss of appetite are usually combined symptoms.

You will also find that the symptoms become more pronounced as the disease progresses. This means that while the dog may have displayed three symptoms for the last six months they will generally have more symptoms as the disease becomes worse and the other symptoms will become worse. You will find that as the disease progresses the cancer cells increase in size. A good spot to look for jaundice is going to be around the eyes as it can be difficult to recognize it in other areas.

You will also find that coughing is another symptom that may bring up blood when they become worse. Treatment for cancer is pretty general for all forms. The vet will look at the size of the tumor and decide if surgery is an option. You may not want an invasive procedure as well. Keep in mind that if surgery is an option it usually is the best thing to do to help your dog feel better.

If the mass is too large surgery will not be an option and the vet will recommend medication, radiation, and/ or chemotherapy. The medications and therapy are to help reduce the cancer cells as well as prevent more cells from forming. It is important to realize that radiation and chemotherapy can last for several treatments before you will see results.

In some cases the cancer may be too far along to do much good. It is always best to help make the dog as comfortable as possible.

Gerry Ronson writes for the websites dog and puppy dog toys.

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