Chow Chow The Cute Fuzzy Dog

The Chow Chow originated in China. This dog breed is classified as a member of the Non-Sporting group by the American Kennel Club. They were used as hunting dogs in China.

They were brought to England by Asian sailors. Chow Chows are seventeen to twenty inches high and weigh around forty five to seventy pounds. It has a thick double coat which comes in different colors like blue, black, cream or cinnamon, though the red Chow Chow is most common. They have a back tongue with a blue tint. Their blue tongue is totally normal and you should not be concerned about it.

They have down turned lips which give them a misleading angry appearance. They also have a curling tail over its back. These dogs love to play with children though they do not go well with other dogs or pets. They can become unfriendly to people outside the family. The dog may bully you if you are an inexperienced dog owner. You will have to be strict with these dogs else they will dominate you.

You must make sure that they follow all your commands in a proper way. Chow Chows are not suitable for apartment life. A small fenced yard is ideal for them. However if you live in an apartment, then you must take your dog for regular walks. Do not allow your dog to run loose in the park, they are known for their ferociousness towards other dogs. They are not very energetic animals and require little exercise.

To socialize your puppy, you should get them enrolled into puppy obedience classes. They will receive obedience training and the classes will make sure that they do not grow up to be dangerous or aggressive to strangers. These dogs do not eat a lot.

You should feed your dog with proper nutritious food whether it is a young dog or an adult one. They have thick coats and so they require regular grooming. Their coats are hard to brush because they are so dense. They should not spend too much time outside in summers since their thick coat does not prevent them from heat and they can have problems.

They are also prone to develop hip dysplasia and knee joint problems. Chow Chows are these cute, fuzzy bear like dogs who can be your perfect companion. They have a bit of an attitude problem, and if you are okay with it, then they can be your perfect dog. There is nothing like hugging these small dogs on a winter night!.

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