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Dog kennels are often called day care for dogs, and kennels are fast becoming a life saver for single dog owners. People all over the US have started utilizing the services of dog kennels to help keep their pets happy and stress free when they are at work. If you are also planning to leave your dog in a kennel, and want to how you should pick a dog kennel here are a few tips to help you pick a suitable kennel for your dog: Make a personal trip to the kennel The first and foremost step in choosing a kennel is visiting the kennel.

Although most kennels have a facility that allows dog owners to have their dogs picked up from their homes, it is always a good idea to visit the kennel you are interested in. It is easy to get carried away with impressive photographs and false claims, and it is important you visit the dog kennel before committing to anything. Look for space Not all dogs can be happy within the same amount of space. Older kennels were built on a simple cubicle design that was nothing short of a small cubicle that allowed the dog to stretch its legs if required. Modern day kennels are a sharp contrast from older kennels, make sure the kennel has sufficient room for your dog to rest and there is sufficient space for your dog to move around. If possible look for a dog kennel that allows dogs to move around freely and interact with other dogs.

Check the facilities on offer Apart from sufficient space, you should also look for a dog kennel that is offering indoor and outdoor play areas. In addition, most dog kennels usually have a vet on call. Make sure the dog kennel is well supervised and any playgroups formed are made with the dog's personality and size in mind. For example, most dog kennels form playgroups based on the temperament and size of each dog.

If your dog is sick or requires medication make sure the dog kennel is equipped to take care of your dog. Speak to the staff One of the most important aspects of dog care is the trainer and staff. If you are not comfortable with the people that are going to take care of your dog, don't hesitate in taking your business some place else.

Speak to the kennel's staff and make sure they are well trained and can take good care of your dog. If you are planning on leaving your dog overnight, make sure you leave the staff with additional instructions. Remember, a well trained staff will know exactly what to expect from your dog in terms of temperament and will make sure that your dog is coupled with 'like minded' dogs when the playgroups are formed.

It is important to keep an open mind while leaving your dog with any dog kennel, and you should always make sure you inspect the facility personally. While you are inspecting the dog kennel, look for features like a cage less environment. Modern dog kennels are built using Plexiglas so that dogs feel they are in an open environment. In addition, most dog kennels have dedicated indoor and outdoor play grounds that allow dogs to be alone when they want and socialize with other dogs when the need arises. A good indicator of the quality of care provided by a dog kennel is to look at dogs that are already present in the kennel. If the dogs present in the kennel are happy and active, then the dog kennel is probably taking good care of the dogs.

Remember, like all businesses the dogs are the customers and a happy environment is essential. To find a dog kennel in Austin visit

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