Are The Senses of Your Cat Really Enhanced

Cats are given all kinds of supernatural powers by their owners. This probably derives from the fact your kitten senses the world differently than you or I do. Ah, but how do they differ and can we consider them an enhancement? Cats are oh so cute, but there is a definite dark side to your little fur ball. This dark side also explains how its senses have evolved over time.

Simply put, your kitten is a predator. Its senses are all tailored to help it catch its prey. As predators, cats are tuned to hunt during particular periods of time. With the average cat, the night is the time to stalk ones prey.

To support this fact, cats have superior night vision compared to us, but have worse day vision. To pull this increased vision off during the night, cats have an organic element of their eyes that reflects more light to the iris. This is known as the tapetum lucidum and you have seen it. It is the colored reflection you see in photographs of cats. On the hearing front, you probably expect your kitten to have far superior hearing to you or I.

On the lower end of the sound scale, they hear about the same as us. On the upper end, however, they can hear much higher sounds than either we or a dog can. Your cat has a significant advantage over you when it comes to smell. Big surprise, eh? The facts are pretty startling. Your kitten has double the sensory cells you have, but has a sense of smell 14 times surperior to your own.

Finding your prey is key, but sooner or later you are going to have to touch something. Much of the cats sense of touch comes through its whiskers. It has them on its face, chin, legs, and ankle areas.

What if you could see things with parts of your body other than your eyes? Well, this is what is believe to happen with cats and whiskers. Studies of brain activity show cats process whisker info like vision from their eyes. Imagine if you couldn't taste sugar.

No chocolate. No candy. No fruit.

Well, this is more or less the situation with cats when it comes to a sense of taste. They have serious trouble processing sugars, so they tend to stick to meat. So, there you have it. Yes, your cat definitely has enhanced sense, but in different ways than you might have imagined. Knowing the specifics, however, gives you a better ability to interpret what they are doing day in and day out.

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